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10 Reasons You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

With an abundance of information regarding buying and selling houses so readily available through the internet, many people wonder if they are capable of taking care of their real estate needs without the help of an agent. While some succeed, many do not. There are a lot of reasons to request the guidance of a professional, and here are our top ten.

  1. Education + Experience — When preparing to buy or sell a home, people are expected to prepare by researching their options and the steps they should take. A real estate agent will have the education and experience you lack. Hiring a professional could relieve stress and make the process of purchasing or selling your home much simpler.
  2. More Than the Rooms — While you real estate agent is capable of finding a home with the perfect number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the right amount of square footage, they are also able to see things beyond aesthetics. For example, they may spot problems with plumbing, electrical, or building code problems before you do.
  3. Knowledge of the Neighborhood — Agents can be a reliable source of information about the neighborhoods in which you are interested in buying or selling your home. They may provide you with extra information regarding the school system, demographics, and crime in the areas you are considering.
  4. Price Advice — A professional agent can help guide you to choose the house that is in the right price range for you. There are many tools online that can provide housing prices or estimates. However, they are not nearly as reliable as an agent who can give an honest opinion based on a visual assessment of a potential home. They also help you compare and contrast properties within your price point.
  5. Connections are Key — When planning to or sell your home, you may need the assistance of other housing professionals including inspectors, contractors, and moving companies. With the help of a trusted real estate agent, you might have an easier time finding these other professionals that are well respected.
  6. Loads of Paperwork — In this day and age, the process of purchasing a home can include ten or more page purchase agreements, federal and state mandated disclosures, or local disclosures. One mistake or unsigned document can lead to several different complications that may hinder the purchase or sale process. If you hire an agent, they are responsible for helping you complete the paperwork and meet the deadlines.
  7. Market Expertise — Real estate agents have access to market data and information that is not available on the internet. They are able to give you advice on listing prices specific to the area in which you are buying or selling and can help you get the most for your money.
  8. Negotiation Skills — Top agents are capable of negotiating on behalf of the buyer or seller. They have no emotional connection to the sale and can therefore focus on the transaction alone. They are professionals, who are trained to represent their client and get them the best deal possible.
  9. Questions After Closing — Many questions can pop up after a closing that might have been overlooked during the buying or selling process. Good agents will remain as a point of contact for these questions even after you have finished a closing.
  10. Building Relationships — A real estate agent’s success relies on reputation and referrals. This gives agents strong incentives to do their best work and help you in any way possible. Keeping in contact with a real estate agent that was helpful and reliable can help you and your friends with any future real estate needs.

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