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3 Steps to Maintaining Your Tile Shower

Nowadays, most people prefer a tiled shower to a traditional, fiberglass tub. Tile showers usually have a more artistic design with a wide range of customizable options. They are also a longer-lasting investment. A chip or crack in the tile or grout is often easier to fix than it would be in a prefabricated shower design. While there are many benefits to a tiled shower, one major con is maintaining the look of the grout. Grout takes a lot of wear, therefore it requires a lot of maintenance in order to keep it clean. Here are three of the best ways to prevent mildew from developing and to keep your grout looking new!

  1. Seal your grout: Grout is made to repel water. However, because of the amount of wear that it takes, the water repellent shield can break down and your grout will begin absorbing water. In order to reinforce your grout’s water resistancy, it is important to seal it. Sealing your grout will make it more stain resistant as well as help replace the water repellency that your grout has lost. Most home stores offer sealing products and recommend sealing your grout once or twice a year.
  2. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals: Harsh cleaning products may temporarily make your grout appear cleaner, but in the long-run they also strip your grout of its water repellency. Bleach is especially harsh and should be avoided. It is recommended that you use a mixture that is ⅓ white vinegar and ⅔ water with a soft bristled brush.
  3. Use a squeegee: The last way to keep your shower looking new is to invest in a squeegee that you can use after each shower. Most people prefer one that has a hook or suction cup that you can leave in your shower for easy access. Squeegeeing your shower allows less water to dry in your shower, reducing your risk for mildew development in your grout.